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For the majority of people, purchasing a property is one of the most important financial transactions you will ever make and at Family Focus Legal we aim to make it as simple and stress free as we possibly can.
When selling your property, there is not much that you are required to do, other than list your property with a Real Estate Agent and instruct Family Focus Legal to act on your behalf.
Aside from the First Home Buyer exemptions and grants, there are many other exemptions or reductions in stamp duty that may apply to you. When considering purchasing a property or transferring a property you should research to see whether any of the exemptions or concessions apply to you.
There are many different reasons that people may wish or be ordered to Transfer property to another. If there are mortgages owing on the property being transferred, you will need to discuss with your lender whether they require a refinance of the mortgage.
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Meet Our Team

Family Focus Legal is focused on being local community minded and an active member
in meeting the needs and interests of the local area. 

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team.

Rebekah Gates
Rebekah GatesPrincipal Solicitor
Mark Gates
Mark GatesSenior Associate Solicitor
Kristina Lukic
Kristina LukicSenior Associate Solicitor
Rachael Smith
Rachael SmithAssociate Solicitor
Lauren Newcombe
Lauren NewcombeAssociate Solicitor
Anneliese Munro
Anneliese MunroSolicitor
Catherine Van Luenen
Catherine Van LuenenOffice Manager
Lisa Brodbeck
Lisa BrodbeckParalegal
Monique Cobbin
Monique CobbinParalegal
Rosanna Parisi
Rosanna ParisiParalegal
Emily Veliz
Emily VelizParalegal
Jessica Galea
Jessica GaleaParalegal
Jenny Larven
Jenny LarvenConveyancing Paralegal
Melissa Wilson
Melissa WilsonLicenced Conveyancer
Christine McDermott
Christine McDermottReception Services Manager
Margaret Gajewski
Margaret GajewskiFinancial Controller, CPA
Eleice Girotto
Eleice GirottoAdministration Support