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23 April, 2018
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Life is so busy and there doesn't seem to be enough hours in our day to get things done. That's why every month we offer a Wednesday with extend trading hours and FREE after hours child-minding to assist you take care of 'life's paperwork'.

Make peace of mind your priority by taking care of life’s paperwork. We understand life gets busy and many of us have 'Get a Will' on our life admin list of things we need to do. At Family Focus Legal we understand these pressures and offer the additional services of extended trading hours and free on site after hours child-minding for Will Wednesday appointments. 

To make future planning easier, Will Wednesday is set on the following dates:

- May 30th 

- June 25th 

- August 29th 

- September 26th 

- October 31st 

- November 28th 

Call today to secure your appointment to update your Will or put one on place and breathe easy with the peace of mind that knows your family is protected. Family Focus Legal built on the foundation of Compassion, Strength and Expertise.

Call our team on 02 4655 4224 to secure your appointment for Will Wednesday

— at Family Focus Legal.

Will Wednesday at Family Focus Legal


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