We understand that choosing a Lawyer to look after yourself and your family’s best interests is an incredibly important decision.

We started Family Focus Legal when we saw firsthand the impact that can be had by choosing a Lawyer who has a heartfelt passion for genuinely helping people or by choosing a Lawyer that didn’t care as much. We have a desire to approach legal matters and working with clients from a different perspective. As a firm, we choose to work differently. We choose to see our clients as people and not numbers. We choose to think about what their future may look like when their legal matter is complete and how we can help in making that future as bright as possible.

We are a legal team that thinks about the kindest, smartest, most proactive and cost-efficient way to deal with a legal issue.  We believe that we have “the best of the best” working for Family Focus Legal and we are lucky to see their hard work and application continually produce outstanding results for our clients.

Our clients are front and centre of everything we do. From the moment, we answer a phone call, email enquiry or welcoming you to our office. We truly value our client’s choice in asking our firm for assistance and consider it an honour and privilege to serve them.

We believe it’s important to share the core values that as a firm we stand by and as a team, we created;

F amily – the relationships important to you and us and worth protecting. The reason for our beginning.

O pportunity – the chance to approach a problem or legal challenge in a fresh way.

C lients – this is our focus. We show Care, Compassion, Consistency and reliability in our community and relations with you.

U nique – we are not your average law firm. We do things differently and are genuine in all of our services.

S strength and Support when you need it most.